In this post, we’ll discuss how to choose the best options trading course for you.

There are a lot of different options trading courses out there. In fact, at NavigationTrading, we have 12 different strategy courses:

  • How I Make Consistent Returns Trading Options (Iron Condors)
  • How To Maximize Your Profits Trading Options (Short Strangles)
  • Trading Calendar Spreads for Income
  • Trading Butterfly Spreads for Income
  • How to Trade Options on Earnings for Quick Profits
  • Winning Option Strategies for Any Market (Directional Strategies)
  • Trading Options with Money Flow
  • How to Trade Options on Futures for Max Leverage
  • How to Trade the VIX with 92.3% Accuracy
  • Trading Options for Weekly Income
  • The Iron Duck Options Spread
  • Portfolio Bunker Strategy

If you’re a brand new trader, this is going to seem overwhelming at first. It may seem like you’re drinking out of a fire hose! But we promise, if you just start with one course and slowly build your knowledge base, things will start to make more sense as you go. Our Iron Condor Course is a great course to start with for beginning traders.

All of our courses are on-demand video courses that you can view at any time from your phone, from your iPad, from your desktop. Our courses are step-by-step guides on how we trade each strategy. We’ll walk you through from beginning to end, how to enter the trade, how to adjust the trade if it goes bad, how to close a trade and specific ways to maximize your profits.

What Courses Should You Complete First, if You’re a New Trader?

Here’s the course order we suggest for newer Traders:

  1. Iron Condors
  2. Short Strangles
  3. Iron Ducks
  4. Earnings course

The reason we put our Earnings Course at number four is because we can trade these strategies in a very short duration time period, so it’s going to accelerate your learning curve. Instead of having to wait several weeks to see how a trade plays out, these earnings announcement trades happen within a day so  you’re really going to be able to learn these strategies in a short period of time.

Every one of our strategies is an excellent way to trade options, but your goal when trying to choose the best options strategy course is to start with one or two strategies and master those strategies. You should paper-trade those strategies over and over and then start small with just one contract at a time. Do that until you’ve learned and mastered them, and then, at that point, you can always go on to the secondary strategy courses.

Start Learning from Our Courses!

There’s a couple of different ways to get access to our strategy courses. You can purchase each course individually for $999, or you can join our Pro Membership for a low monthly cost, and get access to every one of the courses that we just covered.


Whenever you join our Pro Membership, not only do you get access to our strategy courses, but you also get access to our NavigationALERTS. Anytime we place a trade in our personal account, you get an email and an SMS text message telling you exactly what we did when we entered the trade, if we had to make any adjustments, and when we closed the trade. You get our trade alerts in real-time.

You can try out our Pro Membership by signing up for our Pro Membership trial. It’s $14 for a full 30 days. So for a full 30 days of access to all of our courses and the alerts. Check it out!

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

-The NavigationTrading Team