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Pro Membership
      Our Pro Membership is for traders...
  •  That are serious about learning to trade options the right way
  •   Who want to generate a consistent extra source of income
  •  That want to replace their current income by trading options
  •  Who want to place high probability trades that win over 90% of the time
  •  That want to learn a wealth building skill that lasts forever
      Our Pro Membership is NOT for people...
  •  Who are looking for an easy way to make a quick buck 
  •  That are trying to "swing for the fences" on every trade
  •  Who jump from one "money making scheme" to the next every month
  •  That think "buy and hold" is the most profitable way to invest
  •  Who want to blindly follow a "market guru" for stock tips
"This is very informative. The instructor has a genuine interest in his student's success and he delivers the information in a way that makes this apparent."
- Seth H.
Here's What You Get:
Pro Membership Includes
"Look over our shoulder" as we place LIVE trades in our own brokerage account. Every trade is posted in your Personal Member's AND losers.
  •  Trade alerts via SMS text message & email
  •  5-10 trade alerts per week
  •  Specific trade entries
  •  Specific trade exits
  •  Specific trade adjustments
  •  Weekly Video Updates to review all trades
  •  Access to view our current portfolio
  •  Full performance statistics on all trades
  •  Unlimited email support
V.I.P. Video Course Training
Our professional training includes step-by-step instructions for trading strategies used by successful Hedge Funds, Floor Traders & Market Makers
  •  Iron Condor Strategy
  •  Short Strangle/Straddle Strategy
  •  Calendar Spread Strategy
  •  Butterfly Spreads Strategy
  •  Directional Strategies
  •  Options On Futures
  •  Earnings Announcement Trading Strategies
  •  MoneyFlow Trading Strategies
  •  Unlimited email support
Bonus #1 - Indicator Package
The only indicators you will ever need to trade successfully. 
  •  NT Implied Volatility Indicator
  •  NT MoneyFlow Indicator
  •  NT Over Bought/Over Sold Indicator
  •  NT Relative Strength Indicator
Bonus #2 - NavigationTrading Watch List
Our most profitable symbols to trade...AND which ones to avoid!

All symbols are NOT created equal! 

Get to know which symbols to trade, and the optimal time to trade each strategy.
 Bonus #3 - eBook
 "The Trade Hacker's Ultimate Playbook"
  •  The Top 5 Neutral Income Strategies
  •  The 7 Best Strategies To Trade In A Bull Market
  •  The 7 Best Strategies To Trade In A Bear Market
  •  Why "Traditional Diversification" Does Not Work
  •  And Much More...
"This is extremely concise and to the point. He lays out your trading rules for each strategy in a very easy way to understand. I also greatly appreciate the fact that he gives you his indicators. This guy is the real deal. I'm very thankful he is willing to share his knowledge."
- Cindy J.
Stream our video course from your computer, tablet or phone anytime.
"Thanks for making it easy for us who do not have time to try to figure out stock market to know how to trade options in a straight and concise way."
- Ahmad S.
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of trading strategies are covered with NavigationALERTS?
We trade the Income Strategies from our V.I.P. training:

- Iron Condors
- Calendar Spreads
- Butterfly Spreads
- Strangles
- Straddles
- Put Vertical Spreads
- Call Vertical Spreads
- Puts
- Calls
- Earnings Announcement Trades
How many days are we in each trade?
Some trades last just a few days, however some trades may last a couple months (including adjustments and rolls). We manage each strategy a little differently (as taught in the video training). We mechanically exit trades based on the highest statistical probability of max profit.
How much money do I need in my account to start trading?
You can start at any level. We have members with just a couple thousand dollars, and we have members with million dollar accounts. It is recommended for newer members to trade from a "Paper Money" account before using real money.
Can I cancel anytime?
Absolutely! We don't believe in long term contracts or commitments. Simply send us an email at [email protected], and we will cancel your subscription right away.
What rate of return should I expect from trading these strategies?
As a new trader, your goal should be to learn the strategies before expecting to make any money. There are many nuances that can only be learned by actually placing trades. Market conditions are different every year...every month...every week. We have made double and triple digit annual returns, but this should not be expected every year.
"I have subscribed to the alert services a little over a quarter and I should say I am completely satisfied with their recommendations. Most of my trades have been profitable and for not so profitable ones, I particularly love their advice on rolling/adjustments of those trades."
- Ven K.
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