Simple Strategies. Expert Guidance.

Learn to build wealth trading options.

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Simple Strategies. Expert Guidance.

Learn to build wealth trading options.

Get Free Access to our Flagship Courses
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Our Approach

Simple, straightfoward strategies with exponential results.

Our methodology is based on statistics and probabilities, not hype, emotion, or following some “Stock Market Guru” who claims to have a crystal ball. We post every trade we send to our Pro Members—both winners and losers. The best part is, we don’t have to pick market direction to make money on our trades; that’s the power of our trading method.

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“I’m super busy with my full time job, but your alerts and training has been exactly what I need. My accounts up over 20% already. Thanks again.”
Michael T.

“I can not say enough about how well NT presents their material. It’s presented in a very logical, concise way and explained in a way that the average person can understand. I truly like these guys and look forward to learning more with them.”

Cindy J.
“In the end, I chose NavigationTrading because your philosophy doesn’t include the get-rich quick hype but rather you have a methodical, consistent risk management approach. Thanks!”
Bill H.

“Just joined a couple of weeks ago now and love it. Winner on my first trade. This trading method is in line with my philosophy on making money in the market with smaller controlled positions that have higher probabilities for success.”

Mike R.

“Many thanks to Navigation Trading, my life has changed. No day job, more free time, less stress and I can continue on and on. With huge respect and warm greetings from Prague.”

Ondrej S.

“I’ve learned a ton since joining and have flipped my frustrating ‘roller coaster’ investment strategy into something that is finally making sense and working consistently. My sincerest gratitude to the NT team for making it all happen!”

Brad F.

“After years of trading, I feel that I am not on the bullish side or bearish side of the market, but finally on the profitable side! The strategies taught here are the best. I feel that even if the most unthinkable events happen, we will still make money. Thank you.”

Suresh N.

“This was an incredible trade…like Tesla last week…perfect timing for exit.
Thank you!!”

Roy R.

What’s Next?

Here are some ways to get started with Navigation Trading.

The Tradehacker Mindset

#1 Podcast for Trading Psychology

This show is for experienced and novice traders who want to learn how to master the psychology (mindset) of trading. Learn from NavigationTrading, the top options education trading firm. Inside each episode, we share “ah ha” moments that we have learned from trading every day for the last 20+ years.