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"Informative and step by step approach to finding and putting on the trade."
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"This is very informative. The instructor has a genuine interest in his student's success and he delivers the information in a way that makes this apparent."
-Seth H.
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of trading strategies are            covered with NavigationALERTS?
We trade the Income Strategies from our courses:

- Iron Condors
- Calendar Spreads
- Butterfly Spreads
- Strangles
- Straddles
- Put Vertical Spreads
- Call Vertical Spreads
- Puts
- Calls
How many days are we in each trade?
Some trades last just a few days, however some trades may last a couple months (including adjustments and rolls). We manage each strategy a little differently (as taught in the courses). We mechanically exit trades based on the highest statistical probability of max profit.
How much money do I need in my account to use NavigationALERTS?
You can start at any level. We have members with just a couple thousand dollars, and we have members with million dollar accounts. It is recommended for newer members to trade from a "Paper Money" account before using real money.
Can I cancel anytime?
Absolutely! We don't believe in long term contracts or commitments. Simply send us an email at, and we will cancel your subscription right away.
What rate of return should I expect from trading these strategies?
As a new trader, your goal should be to learn the strategies before expecting to make any money. There are many nuances that can only be learned by actually placing trades. Market conditions are different every year...every month...every week. We have made double and triple digit annual returns, but this should not be expected every year.
"Thanks for making it easy for us who do not have time to try to figure out stock market to know how to trade options in a straight and concise way."
- Ahmad S.
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