How To Trade Options On Earnings For Quick Profits
Learn To Profit From Stock's Earnings Announcements
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Your Course Includes
  •  The NavigationTrading Implied Volatility Indicator – Load it directly onto your trading platform!
  •  The Top 9 Strategies to profit from a stock's earnings announcement
  •  How to take advantage of the Pre-Earnings Implied Volatility Expansion
  •  How to take advantage of the Post-Earnings Implied Volatility Crush
  •  Learn which strategies to use BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a stock announces earnings
  •  Learn to use the Options Strategy Backtester to determine the best strategies to trade on different stocks
  •  How to create a Watch List and Scan for the best stocks to trade around earnings
  • The easiest way to bank quick profits in under 24 hours
  •  Learn to make money trading 15 minutes per day. You DO NOT have to be glued to your computer screen
  •  How to make money on earnings trades if the market goes UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS
  •  This course is a complete guide to enter, exit and adjust each earnings strategy
  •  Lots of real life trade examples...using our own money
  •  2.5 hours of professionally edited video, in 42 easy to follow lessons
  •  Unlimited email support from the instructor and his trading team
  •  30 Day Money Back "No Questions Asked" Guarantee
"What I love about this course is that it's focus on application of the concepts and strategies that are taught in this course. Almost every lecture shows you the demo of how to place options trades. I learnt something new and already applying it by placing real trades. Thanks to Stephen and Navigation Trading for this course"
- Michael K.
Course Outline
  •  Section 1: Introduction
  •  Section 2: Legal Disclaimer
  •  Section 3: NavigationTrading LIVE!
  •  Section 4: Course Agenda
  •  Section 5: Why We Trade Earnings Announcements
  •  Section 6: How To Scan For Earnings Trades
  •  Section 7: How To Trade A Pre-Earnings Long Straddle
  •  Section 8: Backtesting Pre-Earnings Ling Straddles
  •  Section 9: Pre-Earnings Long Straddle - IBM Example
  •  Section 10: Pre-Earnings Long Straddle - DIS Example
  •  Section 11: Pre-Earnings Long Straddle - MSFT Example
  •  Section 12: Pre-Earnings Long Straddle - INTC Example
  •  Section 13: Pre-Earnings Long Straddle - SLB Example
  •  Section 14: How To Trade A Pre-Earnings Calendar Spread
  •  Section 15: Pre-Earnings Calendar Spread - GS Example
  •  Section 16: Pre-Earnings Calendar Spread - FB Example
  •  Section 17: Pre-Earnings Calendar Spread - GOOG Example
  •  Section 18: Pre-Earnings Calendar Spread - BIDU Example
  •  Section 19: How To Trade An Earnings Iron Condor
  •  Section 20: Earnings Iron Condor - LULU Example
  •  Section 21: Earnings Iron Condor - IBM Example
  •  Section 22: How To Trade An Earnings Butterfly
  •  Section 23: Earnings Butterfly - AAPL Example
  •  Section 24: How To Trade An Earnings Short Strangle
  •  Section 25: Earnings Short Strangle - AAPL Example
  •  Section 26: Earnings Short Strangle - NFLX Example
  •  Section 27: Earnings Short Strangle - MSFT Example
  •  Section 28: Laddered Short Strangle - FB Example
  •  Section 29: Skewed Short Strangle - MDC Example
  •  Section 30: How To Trade An Earnings Short Straddle
  •  Section 31: Earnings Short Straddle - QCOM Example
  •  Section 32: Earnings Short Straddle - TGT Example
  •  Section 33: How To Trade Post-Earnings Short Puts
  •  Section 34: Post-Earnings Short Put - ADSK Example
  •  Section 35: Post-Earnings Short Put - NFLX Example
  •  Section 36: How To Trade Post-Earnings Iron Condors & Butterfly Spreads
  •  Section 37: Post Earnings Iron Condors - GOOG Example
  •  Section 38: How To Trade Post-Earnings Short Strangles
  •  Section 39: Post-Earnings Short Strangle - AAPL Example
  •  Section 40: Earnings Strategy Backtester
  •  Section 41: Position Sizing
  •  Section 42: Course Recap
  •  Bonus Section: Pro Membership
  •  Course Resource Links & Documents
"This is very informative. The instructor has a genuine interest in his students success and he delivers the information in a way that makes this apparent."
- Seth H.
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  • The Secret NavigationTrading Methodology
  • The Top 5 Income Trading Strategies
  • The 7 Best Strategies To Trade In a Bull Market
  • The 7 Best Strategies To Trade In a Bear Market
  • The NavigationTrading Implied Volatility Indicator    (Copy & Paste It Directly Onto Your Trading Platform)
  • Your Complete Watch List For Each Strategy
  • Why "Traditional Diversification" Does Not Work
  •  A Little Known Trick To Know Your "Probability of  Profit" Before You Even Enter Your Trades
  •  How To Choose The Best Strategy When Implied  Volatility Is High or Low
  • Learn To Create a Consistent Monthly Income Trading Less Than 15 Minutes Per Day
  • The Secret To Guarantee You Will Never "Blow Up" Your Trading Account
  • The NavigationTrading 5 Step Road Map To Success
  • Options Terminology And Definitions
  • 57 Page Full Color Guide
How To Trade Options On Earnings For Quick Profits
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